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Stratum Brands, Inc. is a cannabis product manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Los Angeles, California that was founded in 2015. In 2018, its flagship brand, Cobra Extracts won the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Vape Pen Cartridge, winning with Blueberry Haze. Core to Stratum’s strategy is to meet all regulatory requirements, maximize brand value, develop and expand product lines through marketing and joint venture agreements, and to grow the company through strategic acquisitions. Stratum Brands is currently reviewing proposals to buy, create, develop and license brands across a range of cannabis product categories.

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Cobra Extracts

Cobra Extracts is a company that believes in cannabis and strives to  produce the highest quality all natural cannabis products available  anywhere. We have created a line of products utilizing our proprietary  processes and equipment that continues to be unmatched in the industry.


LA Kingpins

When one hears the name “Freeway Ricky” Ross, they immediately think of one of the most notorious kingpins in American history. The latest chapter in Rick’s life includes community activism and work with the cannabis industry. Rick knows high-quality cannabis and when deciding to launch his own brand, he wanted to work with the best. He teamed up with top manufacturers to produce LA Kingpins. His mission is to create top-notch products... and to give back support and positive messages for doing good in the hood. On his journey, Rick has become a vocal advocate for cannabis, social equity, and social justice. As cannabis moves into the mainstream, Rick has assumed a leadership role in the advocacy movement, working to decriminalize the use of this healing plant. “Freeway Ricky” Ross is an American author, mentor, speaker and entrepreneur.



SweētZ is a HAND CRAFTED tobacco free blunt made with a blend of 1.2 grams of NUG©️ top shelf flower and 1st Place winner in the 2019 Hempcon, Forbidden Funk Sorbet. Wrapped with an herbal wrap and fashioned around a glass tip for maximum airflow, SweētZ is a flavorful and long burning alternative to the traditional stuffed cone. SweētZ is an Equity Partner.

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